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Máy CNC đột-cắt thanh cái đồng GJCNC-BP
Xuất xứ: China

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GJCNC-BP CNC busbar punching-shearing machine is high-efficiency high-precision busbar processing special equipment controlled by computers.
▲Punching dies, shearing dies and embossing dies are arranged together in the die storeroom.
▲The machine can complete various processing techniques of punching holes (round holes, long round holes, etc.), embossing, shearing, slotting, cutting round corners, etc.
▲The machine can automatically replace clamps for long busbars without manual intervention, and automatically sends out finished workpieces by the conveyor belt.
▲The machine can be used together with CNC busbar bender to form a busbar processing operation pipeline.

GJ3D GJ3D Programming Software
Special aided design software (GJ3D) for busbar processing is directly networked with the machine, realizing programming automation. Using the software in operation is convenient and fast for users. The software can accurately calculate punching positions after spreading bends, automatically generate machine codes, avoid the tedious process of manually working out machine codes, and demonstrate the whole process of punching, shearing and bending busbars so as to effectively prevent material waste caused by input errors. Our company took the lead in applying computer three dimensional graphics to the busbar processing industry, which is a great contribution to the whole industry, and its technical advancement is at the international first-class level.

Touch Screen
Nan-machine interface, simple operation, reflection of the states of program operation in real time, function of displaying alarm information of equipment operation, easy operation for die parameter setting and equipment running.

Main/minor clamp
The main/minor double-clamp design structure can effectively guarantee workpiece linearity and improve processing precision;
Clamps adopt hydraulic drive technology, compact mechanism, good work stability, no noise and avoiding inconvenience caused by air supply deployment.

High-speed Operation System
High-precision ball leadscrew transmission, combining high-density linear guide rails, high precision, high efficiency, long service life and no noise.

Fast material-pulling belt
Stainless steel material-pulling belt ensures no workpiece wear, long service life and high reliability.

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