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TMS-1104W/ TMS-01

Model: TMS-1104W/ TMS-01

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Surface Variation Detector
(With Noise Cancel Function)

  • Size of the detected variation (lump, neckdown or the like) can be seen at first sight on the display screen with 7 segments LED.
  • Setting of 2 different detecting sensitivity level is available.
  • Data of the detected variation is saved inside the display unit and, the size and position of the variation can be captured via RS-232C interface.
  • Mal-function caused by dust, bugs, outside random light, etc, can be vastly diminished due to the noise cancelling function.
  • Maximum 8 axes can be connected with single display unit.

DETECTOR Display unit
Model TMS-1104W Model TMS-01
CAD file dxf   pdf dxf format
CAD file
dxf   pdf
Detecting derection 4 axis Sampling Friquency 75KHz(4axis)
Detection Method Double-slit, infrared LED projection type Main Display 7segmentLED 5digit
Detectable Outside Diameter φ0.02~5mm Sub Display 7segmentLED 2digit
Detecting Sensitivity 0.02~0.999mm Recorder Output 0.1mm/V
Detecting Accuracy +/-10μm. set value Length Measurement input encorder input
Slit length 18mm Length Measurement power output DC12V Max50mA
Slit width 0.5mm Alarm Output Relay contact output(AC250V 2A Resistance load)
Feeding speed[*1] 1m/min~1000m/min Outside Contact input Reset input
Response 3Hz~10KHz RS-232C interface OK
    Cable length
( Between Sensor/Display )
    Alarm Time 0.01~0.999Sec
Ambient Temperature -5 - 50 degree centigrade
(No condensation)
Power Source AC90~240V 50/60Hz
    Power Consumption 17VA
Outside Dimension
350×280×55 Outside Dimension
Weight 3.5kg Weight 3kg
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