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Limit switches SN6273

Model: SN6273

Giá bán: Liên hệ


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Global style limit switches SN6273 (Metal Bodied)




Công tắc hành trình SUNS SN6273

 * Aluminum die cast body
* Increased wiring space
* Earth grounding surface on same level as switching
* Easily interchangable contact block
* Fine adjustment of switching point via adjusting screw
* Galvanically separated contacts
* Screw terminals with self-lifting clamps for easy wiring
* Positive Opening of NC contacts
* 4 x 90° actuator positions
* Cable entry available: M 20, PG13.5 and 1/2"NPT
* Conform to EN 50041 standard

Operating Speed: 0.05mm-2m/sec
Operating Frequency: Mechanical:120ops/min Electrical: 30ops/min
Insulation Resistance: >100MΩ @ 500V DC
Rated Current/Voltage: 10A/600V AC (EN60947-5-1)
Electrical Rating:  UL/cUL Listed(E216958) for AC15 A600/ DC13 Q300
Service Life:    Mechanically 10,000,000, Electrically 500,000
Operating Temperature: -25~80℃(-13~176°F) without formation of ice
Degree of protection:  IP67

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